Devinson Gil Sánchez

Devinson Gil Sánchez
Devinson Gil Sánchez

MSc Mechanical Engineer with 9 years of experience leading and delivering continuous improvement in different areas of manufacturing, mining, cement and steel industries. Proven experience leading teams toward operational excellence with an approach based on lean – six sigma principles, strategic planning and business sustainability; fully committed to extend the safety culture across the organization, valuing people as organization’s most important asset. Solid background in operations management, maintenance and engineering projects management focused on improving processes and machinery efficiency and reliability, leaning procedures within business to work smarter and reducing operations footprint and costs. Passionate about promoting people initiatives and leveraging team member’s performance to deliver outstanding results. Possesses excellent ability to communicate at different organizational levels, mentoring and leadership skills, action oriented, highly motivated, with attention to detail and strong business insight.

Nacionalidad: Australiano
Experiencia: Six sigma principles, Strategic planning and business sustainability, Safety culture across the organization
Estudios:MSc Mechanical Engineer
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